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Inspiring. Informative. Emotional. Practical.

Are you looking to provide your audience or gathering with a keynote or seminar that explains the insights and sequence to sustained success and achievement in business, in leadership, even in life…and maybe in all three!


Look no further than Steve McNicholas, best-selling author, coach and speaker on the ‘science of success’ and the personal journey Steve has been on to distil such insights down to a powerful and yet practical keynote or seminar to engage and inform any audience.

Speaking Testimonials

Peter Orr
MD, Hillmond, UK and Ireland
"Steve's talk completely reset our perspective and 'thinking' on how we should approach the leadership of the people we lead. Be warned, he does not hold back to make you think and the response has been amazing and continues to be!"
Chris Brindley MBE
Chairman and Non-Executive
"A powerful and inspiring speaker who adds emotional context to help bring his compelling evidence and his unique Success Code insights to life. Even more important in such challenging times for leaders at all levels"

Showreel Video

Experience the energy and impact of Steve McNicholas firsthand.

Watch our showreel video to see highlights from Steve's captivating keynote speeches and seminars.

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Speaker Information Sheet

Interested in learning or discussing more about Steve supporting your speaking engagement?  Download the Speaker Sheet or Brochure documents below to discover how Steve can elevate your event and inspire your audience to unlock their success and achievement.  Please also feel free to contact Steve using the contact details below.

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